The Artist – The Scholar – The Dance Educator


Dagmar Spain/Dance Imprints’s artistic work is created in the spirit of “repair” and connectivity, often intertwined with original writing (poetry, monologues, and playwriting) and developed into dance – works. Dance Imprints wants to bring forth artistic works that have a lasting effect on each participating artist/collaborator and audience. The work has been presented in the US, Canada, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Bulgaria and Japan.

What she (Dagmar Spain) has is a keen sense of the variety of human experience and the conviction that it lies at the heart of work for the stage.” – Toby Tobias, Village Voice


My research, encapsulated in my dissertation, explores the unique transformative potential of the dialogic space. This space, where new perspectives are generated through embodied interactions, is a realm where human inter-relationality and the meeting point of the animate and inanimate take place. In alignment with Edmund Husserl’s (1859-1938) notion of “intersubjectivity,” this research serves as a reminder that no (embodied) thought occurs in isolation, and no new knowledge is born in a vacuum.

Dialogic spaces are filled with “openness and a multiplicity of voices – the potential for unbounded contextual meaning. (Wegerif, 2017)

Expanding a dialogue to an embodied experience is a holistic perspective in which the “whole” human is invited to learn, share, and teach. As a post-secondary educator, I view my students as co-participants in their learning imbued with self-authority and self-actualization, defining their life-long learning perspectives.

The kind of learning that occurs in dialogue is a constantly developing understanding of the world’s phenomena, other people and oneself.” (Alhanen, 2019)