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The kind of learning that occurs in dialogue is a constantly developing understanding of the world’s phenomena, other people and oneself.” (Alhanen, 2019)


Dagmar Spain (dance educator, choreographer, writer), born in the Czech Republic, received her dance training in Frankfurt, Germany, and in New York (MFA) where she resided for 20 years. At age ten a ballet teacher planted the seed of her joy in improvisation, which led eventually to her discovery of choreography. This joy influences all her artistic choices including acting and directing.  [read more…]

Literature, film, and theater stimulate her imagination as much as movement and structural  concerns; she (Dagmar Spain) creates worlds filled with mystery.

– Katia Bachko, The New Yorker

What she (Dagmar Spain) has is a keen sense of the variety of human experience and the conviction that it lies at the heart of work for the stage.

– Toby Tobias, Village Voice