Dance Imprints – Gallery



Acting Photos

photography: Kaja Curtis, Nicolas Gabot, Marie Getta, Maria Fernanda Hubeaut and Anja Zander

Fine Art

photography: Kaja Curtis, Dafna Ljubotina and Julie Lemberger


Dialogues with a Plant

photography: Martin Pochman


To Somewhere Else

diverse photographers from the Goethe Institute

Music and Dance touring with Fernando Otero

photography: Alexander Kirichev & Milan Svoboda

that which moves forward…

photography: Kaja Curtis

Summer Solstice

photography: Kaja Curtis & Marie Getta

Me, a stranger at home

photography: Pascal  Commovick

2 Women, 1000 stories…

photography: Marie Getta & Andrea Vasakova

And if not, what if…?

photography: Kaja Curtis

What about my face?

photography:   Pascal  Commovick

Talk to Me

photography: Sophie Lagues

Sorry…you’re in my space

photography: Kaja Curtis, Brian Messman and Bettina Stöss

Through the Mirror

photography: Piotr Olszewski


photography: Kaja Curtis


photography:   Johanna Mai-Vihalem

Yellow is Not Gold

photography: Kaja Curtis, Brian Messman, Michaela Šindelářová and Wayne Wong


photography: Nicolas Gabot and Keith Widyolar

Urban Landscapes

photography: Viktor Miloslavskij and Julie Powell


photography: Lucie and Nicola Pani


photography: Keith Widyolar

re: turn

photography: Keith Widyolar

Beside Me

photography: Keith Widyolar

John Cage Project

photography: Randeep Kumar


 photography: Keith Widyolar


photography: Bonnie Goodman