Dance Imprints – Events


Dialogue with a Plant

May 20, 2017 at Artspace, Prague

written / performed by Dagmar Spain

directed by Iorgo Papoutsas 

assistant directing: Azadeh Mohammadi

arias sung by Helena Bendova

on cembalo: Vitězslav Podrazil,

on flute: Eva Kordikova

video: Wayne Wong



To somewhere else/Rixdorf

March 30, 2017  Ostrava, April 6  Olomouc, April 19  Plsen, May 11  Usti nad Labem, May 18  Ceske Budejovice, June 3  Prague, June 22  Liberec

directed: Michaela Bartonova/Azadeh Mohammadi

live drawing: Michaela Bartonova

choreography & performance: Ralf Lücke & Dagmar Spain

live music: Zabelov Group

supported by the Goethe Institute and German/Czech Future Fond in Prague


Dialogues with a

Dialogues with a plant

August 12 & 14, 2016

-a one women’s show-

written & performed by Dagmar Spain

directed by Iorgo Papoutsas

on piano: Dave Broome

video: Wayne Wong

costume: Dagmar Spain

Cornelia Street Cafe, New York




March 31, 2016   8pm

“That which moves forward…” solo work

music: Tomaš Mach

video: Enzo Andres Jerez Araya, Paul Schärf

GUD gallery, Nám. Franze Kafky 24/3, Prague


Blind Spot-9

“BLIND SPOT” ‘for your listening soul’

February 14, 2016

-a compilation of dance and video works (2013-2016)-

dancers: Jay De Yonker, Alessandro La Rocca & Dagmar Spain

music: Jan Fisher, Tomáš Mach & Alessandro La Rocca

video: Enzo Andres Jerez Araya, Paul Schärf & Wayne Wong

divadlo Kolowrat, Prague


that which moves forward...-11

that which moves forward…


October 5, 2015   8pm

dancers: Tamara Schindler, Sara Simeoni, Marta Sobotkova,

Dagmar Spain & Mona Isabell Suck

music: Jose Ramon Gonzalez & Fernando Otero

divadlo Ponec, Prague



Touring with Fernando Otero

-music concert with dance-

Plsen: 10.4, 2015  

Prague: 10.5 – 7.2015  

Sofia: 10.10. 2015  

Plovdiv: 10.11.2015



33 (steps) from Now

August 21, 2015

new original solo

music: Fernando Otero

Lake Studios, Berlin


Me, a stranger at home-2

Me, a stranger at home

July 26, 2015  6pm

new original theatrical works

with Jimmy Cintron, Jorge Montenegro & Iorgo Papoutsas

on piano: Dave Broome

original text and movement

Cornelia Street Cafe, New York


IMG_5775 (Copy)

Dokola  -the dance version-

July 12, 2015  8pm

workshop “Moving from Within” and performance

with Jay DeYonker

dance & choreography

Harkness Dance Center, New York



Summer Solstice

June 21, 2015  7:30pm

a music concert with dance

with Edel Marie Sanders, Tomáš Mach and Alessandro La Rocca

dance & choreography

Atrium, Prague


2 women, 1000 stories...

Two Women, 1000 stories…

June 19, 2015  8:30pm

Dagmar Spain & Liliana Velasquez in an evening of acting, dance & music

with music by Tomaš Mach

cafe theater Potrva, Prague



A Moment of Silence

June 14, 15, & 16, 2015

an Iranian play about freedom of speech directed by Azadeh Mohammadi

acting and choreographing

Disk Theater, Prague



Persona Atlas

June 12 & 13, 2015

an original play developed with the director Ida Kat Balslev

playing 3 original characters

Venuše ve Švehlovce, Prague



Two Women, 1000 stories…

April 15, 2015

Dagmar Spain & Liliana Velasquez in an evening of acting, dance & music

with music by Tomaš Mach

cafe theater Potrva, Prague



Women’s Arts Festival, Prague

March 28, 2015

Performance of my monologue “What about my face” (2015)

at gallery Artěk, Prague



Moving from Within

January 17, 2015

workshop & performance with Ritsuko Arpon


Dardo Galletto Studio, New York



What about my face?

January 17, 2015

in collaboration with: Azadeh Mohammadi, Jorge Montenegro and Iorgo Papoutsas

Grace & St. Paul’s Church, New York



Talk to Me

December 21, 2014  6pm

directing/acting: Iorgo Papoutsas and Dagmar Spain

text: Mike Bickal, John Patrick Shanley & Dagmar Spain

original piano music: David Friend

Cornelia Street Cafe, New York…/performances.asp


Bohemia voice Breath of Heaven

Bohemia Voice

October 17 & November 30, 2014

director: Steve Josephson

choreography: Steve Josephson and Dagmar Spain

Lobkowicz Palace and Theater Rokoko, Prague




September 26 & 27, 2014    7:30pm

choreography: Dagmar Spain & Isabel Gotzkowsky/Crossover Projekt

dancers: Jay DeYonker, Jared Doreck, Jakub Sedláček and Dagmar Spain

music: Jan Fisher, Anar Keytarman, Elia Moretti

dramaturgy: Azadeh Mohammadi

theater Ponec, Prague




May  9/10, 2014    7pm         May 11, 2014    4pm & 7pm

conceived by: LAVU (Vanessa Gendron & Lucie Nepeřená)

choreography: Dagmar Spain

Faust Records, Prague


pic Mirka

Sorry…you’re in my space

(excerpts) April 10, 2014    7pm

choreography by Dagmar Spain with the performers Jay Deyonker, Jakub Sedláček and Martha Sobotka

Uferstudios, Berlin



Sorry…you’re in my space

November 9  7:30pm         November 10, 2013  2pm & 7:30pm

choreography: Dagmar Spain with the performers performers: Klara Burgess, Jan Cina, Jay DeYonker, Jared Doreck, Klara Kočarkova, Mirka Prokešova, Jakub Sekubas, Martha Sobotka                                                                  

composer: Anar Keytarman

Studio Alta, Prague




September 19, 20 & 21, 2013   at 7:30pm

conceived by: LAVU (Vanessa Gendron & Lucie Nepeřená)

choreography: Dagmar Spain

Faust Records, Prague

new cover

Through the Mirror 

August 10, 2013

text by Dagmar Spain, quotes by Vaclav Havel and poetry by Kristina Caban,

perfomers are Silvana Brizuela-Weigel, Iorgo Papoutsas and Dagmar Spain                                                      

on piano and original music: David Broome   

film by Lewis Smithingham and Dagmar  Spain        

Cornelia Street Cafe, New York


Glass Menagerie

Glass Menagerie

by Tennessee Williams

May 3 & 15, 2013 at 7:30pm 

-playing the role of Amanda-  

Divadlo na Prádle, Prague


profile pic

Múzou Opojena

March 2nd, 2013   8:30pm          

director: Marie Šohajova     

original dance: Dagmar Spain

Jazz Time, Prague




February 12-16, 2013, 7:30pm

choreography and dance by: Dagmar Spain

Male Vinohradske Divadlo, Prague


new cover

Through the Mirror

January 12, 2013, New York art/dance film shooting


Photo by Julie Powell

Urban Landscapes

December 30, 2012

conceived and directed by DagmarSpain, co-directed by Iorgo Papoutsas



maxine steinman & dancers

December 15  (8pm)  & 16 (3pm), 2012

“Say it with Flowers” performing in three works of my dear friend

Martha Graham Studio Theater, New York



Urban Landscapes

November 25, 2012  6pm

conceived and directed by Dagmar Spain, co-directed by Iorgo Papoutsas

Cornelia Street Cafe, New York