Dance Imprints – Acting

Headshots February 2013 82

Acting is somehow something I always wanted to do. Around the age of 8, it came so clear to my mind. And what happened? I became a dancer, feeling often trapped in a body that always wanted to show feelings. Once one of my choreography teachers in New York remarked that all my movements stem from feelings, my inner world. I was surprised to hear that, because I did not know that movements can be generated anywhere else. My physicality I have experienced extensively as a gymnast and now there was something else to be explored, could it be the feeling body?

Throughout my career in dance I actually always worked with actors. One of my most vivid inspirations were the films of Andrej Tarkovsky, especially Stalker and Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator. They related so much to my use of non spoken language and its profound impact. As a trained dancer and choreographer I was taught to reduce the movements to its essential components. I feel that in acting the process is the same. In the end I would like to always know when it is essential to speak, and when on the other hand my body and face say all that there is to say without one word. I want to dance when I speak and speak when I dance. So maybe dancing after all has prepared me to be a better actor. Most important I love doing it.


Height: 5 ft 4/164 cm
Weight: 115 lbs/52 kg
Hair: Brown and long
Eyes: Brown

Selected Films/TV:


The Concrete Law lover in revenge Luka Knezevic & Reinis Inkens Prague
Nosferatu in Love drunken dancer Peter Straughan, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
Dance of Birds Dancer, Mother Samir Tlatli, Prague (Cannes Short Film Corner)
Borgia (TV)
Striga (witch) Christoph Schrewe, Prague
Taste Margarete Schofield (British wife) Bettina Kadoorie, Prague (Cannes Short Film Corner)
Five non Five Dancer Anja Zander, New York, Berlin
Beauty Mark Princess Estafania Fadul, Prague (Cannes Short Film Corner)
Return Sonja Dance Imprints Production, New York
Dawn Mother Pasi Rasanen, Prague

Selected Theater:

Persona Atlas different personas Ida Kat Balslev, Prague & Liberec
A Moment of Silence woman on the phone, party agent Azadeh Mohammadi, Prague
Glass Menagerie
Mother Amanda Steve Josephson, Prague
Marat/Sade Mental Patient, Choreography Akanda, Prague
Dokola Choreography, Dancer Jay DeYonker, Prague
Beautiful World Girl-friend (Lead) Aylam Orian, New York
IO Housewife Bremer Tanztheater Production, Germany
Ring Frei Reporter Traumztaenzer Production, Germany
Through Talented Eyes Counselor, Social Worker Tamara Logan, New York

Other Experience:

Commercial Samsung New York
Commercial Telecom New York
Commercial Verizon New Jersey

Modern Dance, Ballet and Tango, Hiking, Backpacking, Skiing, Ice Skating and Horseback-riding.