Dance Imprints – Teaching

Dearest students,
I am back again in Prague from May 13-16, and will offer a ballet class on Saturday May 14, 11-12:30pm at the International Ballet School, Liliova 4, Prague 1 and on Sunday May 15, 11-1pm my contemporary dance workshop at Art Centrum Botič, Vyšehradska 6, Prague 2. You can also ask for private Reiki sessions during the evening of May 14 & 15 6-9pm. Send me email with time to!
(ballet class: 200kc,-, contemporary dance class 250c,-, private Reikisession: 300kc,-)
I hope to see you all very soon!
Much love, Dagmar


All levels

Only at above mentioned days & times in Prague
Regular floor barre ballet classes 
Fri: 9:30-11am at Lake Studios in Berlin
modern dance



not at this moment in Prague

at Hadovka, Evropska 33A, Prague ž


All levels

only in Berlin

Mo: 8-9pm at Bewegungsart, Bölsche Strasse 10, Berlin/Friedrichshagen

Th: 7-8pm & 8:15-9:15pm at VIA Pilates, Dunckerstrasse 84, Berlin

at Hadovka, Evropska 33A, Prague 
tango promo


not at this moment 

All classes cost 200kc,-